Reliance Jio Broadband Gigafiber Services Launch

Reliance Jio Broadband Gigafiber Services Launch

Reliance Jio Broadband Gigafiber Services Launch

Reliance Jio Broadband Gigafiber Services Launch


Reliance Jio Broadband Gigafiber Services Launch

Mukesh Ambani’s company JIO is now in the process of launching broadband and DTH service in the area of ​​calling for calling and calling affordable mobile internet service. Reliance Group chief Mukesh Ambani had announced these services on Thursday.

Reliance Jio Broadband Gigafiber Services Launch

In the 41st Annual General Meeting of the company, Mukesh Ambani said that the registration for the proposed Jio GigaFiiber Service will commence from August 15. Under this service, smart home solutions, including ultra high definition entertainment, voice activated assistants, virtual realty gaming, digital shopping, will be provided on television through the same fiber cable. He said that now we will connect homes, traders, small and medium industries and big industries together with fiber in more than a thousand cities and provide the solution of the most advanced fiber-based broadband solutions.

Reliance Jio Broadband Gigafiber Services Launch

Mukesh Ambani said, “We will extend the fiber connectivity to 1100 cities, businesses, small and large enterprises to provide the most advanced fiber-based broadband connectivity. He said that the company is offering fiber-based Broadband service in its new broadband. Talking about this, Reliance Jio Director Esha Ambani said, “The days went on MBPS, now it will be a matter of GBPS.”

Apart from this, the company has also launched Jio Phone 2. This phone will be available on August 15. The company said that YouTube, Facebook and Whatsapp will also be available on Jiophone and it will work in exactly the same way as Android and iOS do. Under the monsoon ruckus offer, users can exchange feature phones with JioPhone for just Rs 501.

Reliance Jio Broadband Gigafiber Services Launch

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Pilot Project in many cities:


Jio is currently running the project at a pilot level in selected areas of many cities. Mukesh Ambani said, “We are now beta testing it in thousands of homes. Where India has reached the first place in terms of mobile broadband, we are at 134th position in fixed-line broadband. Its poor structural structure is the main reason. Fiber broadband connectivity will reach homes through jiophysers.

Reliance Jio Broadband Gigafiber Services Launch


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The daughter-in-law of the Ambani family reached the meeting:


Shloka Mehta, the daughter-in-law of Mukesh Ambani, also reached RIL’s annual shareholder meeting. Shloka (27) has recently been engaged to Ambani’s eldest son Akash. In the meeting, he appeared in the first line with Ananth Ambani and his grandmother Kokilaben Ambani. Akash and Shloka have to get married in December.

Reliance Jio Broadband Gigafiber Services Launch

Stock of many companies fell:


At the time the ‘Jio GigaFiiber’ was being launched, shares of broadband, telecom and DTH companies were breaking down in the stock market. These companies had a shock of about 5000 crore. Broadband and cable TV companies fell 18 per cent to Rs.

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Reliance Jio Broadband Gigafiber Services Launch

Only TV channels can be changed by voice:


Jio Giga fiber will come with a set-top box for TV. Once connected to the box, it will activate the voice command features in the TV. This will allow you to change the channel by speaking. Ultra HD pictures will be available on TV as well as multi-party video conferencing and virtual reality gaming.


Airtel, Tata Sky will increase pressure on companies like


This decision of Jio will increase competition in the DTH market and companies like Airtel, Tata Sky will have to lower their costs. Competition will increase if Jio combines it with the current 4G service.


This means that the fiber cable will reach directly to your home, which will work to increase the internet speed a hundred times. It is a bit costlier than cable.


What’s in the company’s offer


– The speed of 100 Mbps will be available for 90 days, which will be able to spend up to 100 GB of data per month. Its installation is free, but will have to pay security money of Rs 4,500, which will be refunded later.


E-commerce Jio is preparing online-to-offline e-commerce platforms. Such will enable Reliance Retail to connect the market with Jio’s digital structure.


Smart Home Jio Smart Home Solutions will become a hi-tech home. The consumer will be able to control the TV, camera, plug, doorbell etc. in the house with ‘My Jio App’.


With the help of optical fiber cable, speed of 100 Mbps will be available. Also, you will be able to make calls from the app like Whatsapp, no charge will be charged.


– The company has offered Jiophone 2 for Rs 2,999. You can play WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube etc. Apart from this, the old feature phone will be able to convert the Jiophone into 501 rupees. It will start from July 21.

Reliance Jio Broadband Gigafiber Services Launch


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